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Adoption of Newborns

Our Family Services Program offers homestudies for families who wish to adopt a newborn. Family Focus writes comprehensive homestudies, and provides families with ideas and resources for beginning their search for a potential baby 'match,' as well as placing them on our own waiting list and offering a listing on our profiles web page.

Birthparents who contact Family Focus are offered counseling by a licensed social worker in a warm, non-judgmental environment. Their options are explored and information is provided about the adoption process. Should the birthparent(s) choose adoption for their baby through Family Focus, we work to match them with one of our approved families.

Children are placed directly from the hospital into their prospective adoptive families without the use of interim placements, thus insuring optimal bonding between bebies and their adoptive families. Unique aspects of the program include an agency-created Adoption Covenant Ceremony as well as personalized letters to the adoptive children explaining the circumstance of their adoptions, to be given to the children when their parents feel it is age-appropriate.

To download an information packet about the adoption of newborns, and the services Family Focus provides, CLICK HERE or email inquiries to Cristina at or Sandy at, or call 718-224-1919.

'I say that society, by sealing birth records, by cutting off from their biological past, by keeping secrets from them, has made them into a separate breed, unreal to even themselves.'

- Betty Jean Lifton, author of 'Twice Born: Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter'